Repeat the Sounding Joy

Ogden LDS Institute Presents:

"Repeat the Sounding Joy!"

December 6-7 - 7:30pm or matinee, Dec 7 - 2:30pm

Browning Center, Weber State University
Ogden LDS Institute Christmas Show 2013

Tickets available at the Institute or from 

the performers

     Institute office: 801-621-1800        Address: 1302 Edvalson St. Ogden, UT


An Incredible Story!

  1. Kathryn Wouden rushed to the time clock because she was late. She heard singing. The voice was bellowing the song out at the top of its lungs. Curious,she followed the sound of the voice. She found an old man sitting up in his bed. I heard you singing,she said to him. I sing because it makes me happy!he replied. She listened and they sang together. It became a regular routine for Kathryn to stop by his room before she went to her desk. He always greeted her brightly. He sang a rousing version of Silent Night for her. She found herself humming Church Hymns between classes at the university. She was touched and changed and she was determined that she would have the powerful influence of music in her home. Kathryn's daughter, Chante, who developed a rare form of bone cancer at age three, was positively affected by her Mother's love for music. A three time cancer survivor, Chante Wouden has a successful career and has shared her talents in music all over the United States. She says she acquired great strength through music during her ordeal. Chante calls music a gift from God. The Ogden LDS Institute's Christmas Show portrays the power of this incredible message.

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  1. Ogden LDS Institute Christmas Show 2013